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a_l_t's Journal

DDR?! omfg.
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We're a l t.
Alternative. Yea. You got it.
join us.
First 12 people accepted AUTOMATICALLY

There are things that we need to say. Important Things.

Don't be too elitist. If you are, you're probably not that great anyway. So. Don't suck.
If you have the same emo haircut as everyone else on the planet you better be pretty damn cool or you're automatically rejected. Sorry.
Hypocrits? Yes. Moving on.
Don't be mean with no reason. If the applicant really sucks it, then okay. Otherwise no.
Hemp adds extra points. yay.
Don't change your application just to make everyone like you. We want to know what you like and we'll be able to see if you're lying.
Don't fill out our application just because you're bored. That's lame. In a bad way.
Please use a cut. Or face certain death.
Please put OR FACE CERTAIN DEATH as your cut text so we know you read this.
Just to avoid confusion, tainted_lace and tree_hugger7 are your loving mods.
Above all, promote like a mofo.

Post your app/mini very soon after you apply or we'll ban yo ass

Yes, you can promote here but only under a cut. K? K.

EDIT:::For the first 12 please fill out this mini app.

two likes
two dislikes
two bands

+The Whole Sha-Bang+

Myspace? Link please:
5+ favorite bands:
5 favorite movies:
3 books you enjoy:
Some things you love:
Some things you hate:
Favorite food:
Tell us about something you feel strongly about.
Put the banner in your info & link us. This is optional.
Now promote in 2 communitys:

3 pictures of you photoshop is okay. If you can use it well you get points:
Make us a banner. k? k.

join a_l_t

Effing promote